The "Sleeping Giant"

29 November 2018

The “Sleeping Giant” who once awoke
In Yamamoto’s noble quote

Appears to be napping while many are attacking

From behind and at the throat

The “Sleeping Giant” who once awoke

In Yamamoto’s noble quote

Has not died, though oft defied

By little minds and the things they’ve wrote.

Awaken! My Giant

Awaken! My Land

We must save our country,

We must take a stand!

From prophetic statement and historical fact

We oft see our Giant quite slow to react.

He appears to be sleepy and sluggish, we know

But he’s grooming himself from head to toe.

Our Giant is wonderful, huge, and tall

He’s made up of each of us, each of us all.

He stretches and flexes and so do we

He settles, we settle, I think you’ll agree.

Oh waken! My Giant

Oh waken! My Land

We must save our country,

We must make a stand!

I once saw a Giant in red, white, and blue

With a long striped suit and a tall hat, too.

I ask who he was and they said Uncle Sam,

And I know that it is He, that I really am.

Such a minute station, in this mighty Nation

Is this puny portion, this weak oblation.

I ask your attention, a mere concession,

I bare my soul, so hear my passion!

Awaken My Giant!

Awaken My Land!

Help save our country!

Please take a stand!

Something now happens, he stands up erect.

He’s now heard your plea, he thinks you’re correct.

He’s awakened and shaken and just like before,

He calls in his generals and councils of war.

A wide awake Giant is hard to define

He’s partly yours and partly mine.

His councils are those whom we send up, and such

As hear our demands and keeps us in touch.

The one is awake on whom I’m reliant

His voice is quite clear for he is defiant.

He bellows and roars, this mightiest of Giants,

He’s tired of the killing and the terrorist science.

Thank You My Giant!

Thank You My Land!

Thanks for the Country!

Thanks for the Stand!

Now the "Sleeping Giant" whom you did arouse

Who stood for your rights; begin to carouse.

His eyes become bleary in jubilee

'Cause he thought he’d subdued what he could not see.

Giants get cocky now and then.

They think it’s their size and not what’s within

that makes them so righteous, and that’s real bad.

‘Cause people throw-up their hands and just get mad.

A house divided can never stand

And a sickly Giant palls a land.

The wicked shall be turned into hell, ‘neath the sod,

And all of the nations that forget about God.

The fool has said, “There is no God, He’s not alive!”

And with that type I will not strive.

For a Giant too big to bow or bend

Is about to see a tragic end

It’s more than a motto, “In God We Trust”

It’s an open prayer, and an absolute must.

His will may be done on earth and heaven

But beware, my friend, of evil leaven.

Many Giants arise to great power

And subside as quickly in eternity’s hour.

I would our nation would shun such as this

A fiery judgment, a black abyss.

Awaken, My Giant!

Please listen my friend.

God heals your people!

God heals your land!

Copyright Loren E. Minnix, 1985