PTGI Video Presentation

PTGI Presentation

23 December 2019

The Post Traumatic Growth Institute exists to help military personnel and their families utilize spiritual principles to grow through the challenges of life. From personal experiences – the men and women of the PTGI have discovered God doesn’t waste pain and the traumas of life actually become stepping stones toward becoming more effective leaders in the military and subsequent civilian life.

The impetus for the Post Traumatic Growth Institute began when USMC Captain Adam Korkow returned from Iraq and several of his recently deployed / fellow Marines committed suicide. Adam’s commanding general suggested the officers needed to exercise more effective leadership. Adam’s father, Ken Korkow (Vietnam vet, Purple Heart, Navy Cross, medical discharge) contacted the commanding general proposing faith-based approach to deal with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The PTGI is collaborating with various well-established military ministries to disseminate the best-of- the-best faith-based PTSD items into the hands and hearts of our military personnel and their families.