Our Cause Was Just

Nov 14, 2013


Our battle did not end in Vietnam - We continue to war in our minds and souls and spirits

We need and we want and we deserve closure - Our souls demand it, not only for ourselves, but for those we left behind -

For those we love - For those they loved - For those who suffer physical illness - For those who suffer debilitating injuries

For those who suffer traumatic amputations - For those who suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder -- For those who suffer Moral Injury - We want closure!

Blown off like an embarrassment, turned loose in our youth, sent home to roam and fend for ourselves, dehumanized by some, patronized by others, our war hid and our warriors humiliated, We want closure!

They can deny it, decry it, and defy it, but we did our job. People wonder about it, historians scratch their collective heads, politicians use it as a byword or pontificate its worth, and many just want it hushed, but I'm here to tell you today,

We now have our VIETNAM WALL, hard work by many, God Bless them all. We can now honor our friends, brush off the naysayers, and stand tall.

Our minds swell with memories, our hearts melt with pride.

The bitter sweet joy of remembrance; the tears we've struggled to hide.

Let it out -- Let it go -- honor your buddies -- Let your love show.
Some questions still haunt us, The answers come slow, and there are some things - we'll never know.

But be encouraged, emboldened with trust, our faith must not falter

-- For "Our Cause was Just".