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Warrior's Hope Featured in Indy South Magazine

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“A lot of them tried, and I’ve got the scars to prove it, but I wasn’t going to give up. Only God could knock the chip off my shoulder, and he didn’t think I was worth it.” - Loren Minnix

“The military trains people to go out into combat … but they do not teach you how to handle it when you get back,”
- Greg Stevens.

Warrior's Hope
Every Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. the door at the Warrior’s Hope headquarters on Madison Avenue in Greenwood is unlocked to welcome a gathering of military veterans. A conference table surrounded by cushioned chairs occupies most of the group meeting room, which is decorated with colorful commemorative flags that represent various branches of the military. Framed photos, quotes and mementos take up what little space is left on the bookshelves arranged around the room. This is obviously a place to honor and remember sacrifices made — sacrifices that civilians may never fully understand.

The veterans who come to Warrior’s Hope are seeking support and friendship as they face the challenges of reintegration into civilian life. Loren Minnix, president and founder of Warrior’s Hope, waves his hand over the table to describe what happens during the peer support group meetings that take place here. Veterans from all branches of the service attend to discuss their combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They may suffer through bouts of anger, depression or perhaps, moral injury.

The meetings allow veterans to share experiences and receive help in a way that they might not while sitting in a doctor’s office. The nonprofit organization offers support from a biblical perspective, but the peer facilitators who attend have been trained through a secular program. “Our leadership and directions come from psychologists at the VA Medical Center (Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis),” Minnix explains. “They (psychologists) stood by our side, they helped direct us and they helped train us. So, that training is very good for what we do out here.”

The men in the group study books that are aimed at tackling specific issues that veterans face, but what makes the meetings effective is the peer-to-peer discussion time, which happens in an atmosphere rich with empathy.

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Warrior's Hope at PTGI get together

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Warrior's Hope, Inc. represented at the PTGI (Post Traumatic Growth Institute) ranch for wounded warriors (veterans and active duty).

IDVA Outreach

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Recently the President of Warrior's Hope, Inc. Loren Minnix began providing Volunteer faith-based Services to the Indiana Department of Veterans' Affairs

Life without Limbs, Indy

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President of Warrior's Hope, Inc. Loren Minnix establishes relations with Nick Vujicic and his Life Without Limbs organization. Nick's platform on anti-bullying and suicide prevention is a great resource and we are excited to begin this relationship.

Nick Vujicic of Life Without Limbs and Loren Minnix of Warrior's Hope

Loren Minnix visiting with Nick Vujicic, President and Founder of Life Without Limbs. in October, 2014

Nick says, “If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!”

Warrior's Hope President Loren Minnix visits the New Castle Correctional Facility

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Warrior's Hope President, Loren Minnix, in red shirt at far left, visits the New Castle Correctional Facility. 

The invitation came from the Indiana Commander of AMVETS, Mr.Richard D. Caldwell, 5th from left. 
The occasion was the inauguration of AMVETS Post #7476 within the prison. 
Richard "Rick", a former board member of Warrior's Hope, Inc., extended the invitation along with preliminary discussion about starting a Vet to Vet/Warrior's Hope Peer Support Group with the Veterans at the prison. 
This effort is being pursued as all the necessary protocol is being put in place.

Warrior's Hope New Castle Correctional Facility

Stay tuned to hear about this effort.

Chaplain Kit, Combat, Protestant.

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President Minnix has received a gift in kind for Warrior's Hope from a generous donor to help to enhance the offering to the veterans.

chaplain kit. combat. protestant

A generous donation from local concert pianist

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Warrior's Hope, Inc. recently received a very generous donation from the local concert pianist Anthony Scott Kojak. We are grateful to Anthony for this and for performances at R.L. Roudebush VAMC as a volunteer with Warrior's Hope. You too can start supporting Warrior's Hope today.

Donation from Anthony Scott Kojak

Warrior's Hope featured in local Media

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Warrior's Hope, Inc. is featured in the Indy Insight Newsletter. We helped Medical Center with piano tuning by providing funds to service the instrument

Piano tuning sponsored by Warrior's Hope, Inc.

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